Wingspan 2000 mm
Length 1110 mm
Area 35.25 dm2
Profile SD 7084
Weight 850 g (dry)

Starling is a 2m class competition electric sailplane.

It's beautifully hand-made model, constructed using the latest CNC techniques. All surfaces are gel-coated in CNC molds for a flawless external finish. Wings and stabilizers are glass-balsa-glass composite with carbon fiber reinforcements. They are live hinged and ailerons and flaps are gap sealed. Fuselage is full glass-fiber also reinforced with carbon and Kevlar. 

This kit is highly prefabricated. It contains all the parts You need to complete the model: horns, screws, snaps and pushrods that are already cut to proper length! All You need to do is install servos and motor with controller and batteries. Our kits are dry fit tested before shipment, so you can be sure everything will fit tight.

Brushless motors with spinner starting from 28mm
Also glider version is available!

Elevator, Rudder (V-tail) 2 x HS-81 (MG)
Ailerons 2 x HS-81 (MG), 2 x HS-125
Flaps (optional) 2 x HS-81 (MG), 2 x HS-125

Model settings
CG location 70-78mm
Elevator +/- 8mm
Rudder +/- 10mm
Aileron 11mm down/24mm up
Flaps 60deg down for landing
CAD sketches
:: Small
:: Big